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WW1 Single War Medals For Sale

Nottingham Medals buy and sell war medals, war medal groups, individual military and campaign medals, commemorative medallions and all types of badges and patches. Below is a selection of our British World War One single medals and silver wound badges for sale. War Medals, Victory Medals and 1914-15 Stars. All medals and badges are original, in good condition, and waiting to be reunited with others from their groups. Please ask for more pictures or details if required, we will be pleased to oblige.

WW1 Single Medals For Sale (January 2018)

Type Name Regiment Number Price
14* SJT H. BUST 2 NOTTS & DERBY 1982 £100
14-15 PTE H.A. NEALL RAMC 31396 £30
War GEORGE ALVES - - £35
War FRED NEWTON - - £35
War PTE J.T. STANDELL Coldstream Guards 5074 £35
War PTE E.A. HARDY Lincolnshire 204225 £35
War PTE T. BEASLEY 2nd Dragoons GS-9471 £35
War PTE W.T.B. DAVEY Berkshire 37596 £35
War PTE J. EDGINGTON Berkshire 26104 £35
War PTE A.C.C. HART Berkshire 33552 £35
War PTE E.W. GAMLIN Hampshire 243320 £35
War PTE S.L. MALLETT 21/ London Regt 6216 £35
War PTE W. THOMAS 9-Bn South Lancs 15986 £35
War PTE H. RISING Manchester 29149 £30
War PTE F.C. SEE Middlesex 6284 £30
War PTE F. JOHNSON Queen's Regt 50291 £30
War PTE G. AMBROSE East Kent G-6519 £30
War PTE A.J. BAXTER East Kent G-6789 £30
War PTE W. ARCHER Royal West Kent G-17770 £30
War SJT M.F. YORK S. Staffordshire 9114 £30
War PTE V. SMALL Worcestershire 30213 £30
War PTE.1 J. ARMON Royal Air Force 125679 £30
War 3.A.M W. LORD Royal Air Force 247075 £30
War PTE H.G. BEEKEN AOC 07840 £30
War PTE T. BROWN ASC M-337964 £30
War PTE H. WEST ASC M-338107 £30
War PTE A. MARTIN ASC M2-074840 £30
War PTE A.E. GEORGE ASC RX4-233371 £30
War PTE F.L. MAYLAM ASC S4-045383 £30
War A.CPL E. KING ASC SS-210 £30
War PTE R. GRAVESTON ASC T-370054 £30
War PTE H. WELLS ASC T-368533 £30
War PTE L.W. KING RAMC 11592 £30
War PTE W.H. FEATHER RAMC 62581 £30
War PTE L.J. DYKE RAMC 102012 £30
War SJT A.W. ANDERSON Royal Artillery 1484 £30
War GNR A.C. HASLER Royal Artillery 148045 £30
War GNR G. BAILEY Royal Artillery 167948 £30
War GNR G.A. COOPER Royal Artillery 218132 £30
War GNR L. PARKER Royal Artillery 1744 £30
War GNR J.H. LEGG Royal Artillery 1525 £30
War CPL W.E. FORD Royal Artillery 137794 £30
War GNR J. MALLIN Royal Artillery 169566 £30
War GNR W.G. RUSSELL Royal Artillery 162827 £30
War GNR H.W. SHARPE Royal Artillery 171296 £30
War GNR G.S. TURNER Royal Artillery 193995 £30
War GNR J.D. MORRITT Royal Artillery 140320 £30
War CPL W. WATERFIELD Royal Artillery 222088 £30
War SPR W. HEARN Royal Engineers 101747 £30
War PNR J. MALONE Royal Engineers 274668 £30
War SPR J. Mc KAY Royal Engineers 24994 £30
War PTE W.E. MICKLEBOURGH Royal Fusiliers 28246 £30
War CPL J.F. TANNER Royal Fusiliers GS-4454 £30
War CPL W. HALLIWELL Royal Air Force 13026 £30
War L.STO F. CLARK Royal Navy 222482 £30
War P.O. J. PETTIFER Royal Navy 118263 £30
War PTE J.H. ANDREWS W. Yorkshire 32522 £30
War PTE G. WESTBY Yorkshire L.I. 14266 £30
Victory PTE G. WARD ASC M-317646 £20
Victory A-SJT J. ELLIOT E. Yorkshire 17158 £30
Victory PTE E. DENSTON KRRC R-6439 £25
Victory PTE J.E. GASCOIGNE Lincolnshire 203368 £30
Victory PTE G. BARNES Notts & Derby 29870 £25
Victory PTE W. SHORT Notts & Derby 16958 £25
Victory 1 A.M. J.R. CAMPBELL Royal Air Force 97558 £25
Victory PTE.1 H.J. CLARKE Royal Air Force 235521 £25
Victory PTE.2 T. FAIRHURST Royal Air Force 119566 £25
Victory SJT A.W. ANDERSON Royal Artillery 1484 £20
Victory GNR H.V. FEARN Royal Artillery 152561 £20
Victory GNR F. NETTLESHIP Royal Artillery 7044 £20
Victory PTE H. BROWN Royal Fusiliers GS-17581 £20
Victory STO.1 H.H. JENKINS Royal Navy K34835 £20
Victory PTE A.J. DAVIS Royal Welsh Fus 14847 £25

* = With Slip-On Clasp

WW1 Silver Wound Badges

Badge Name Number Regiment Price
80828 PTE A.J. Mills 18262 Royal Berkshire £40
156524* CPL W. King 20371 Manchester £35
494713 PTE J. Grant 241059 N. Staffordshire £40
B225504 PTE J. West 34907 Lancashire Fusiliers £35
B241186 PTE J.H. Marshall M/414296 RASC / MT £30

  * = Missing Pin

Please ask for additional pictures or information. All medals for sale are one-offs so please check for availability. Orders over £50 are sent by Special Delivery (£6.95) / International Signed For (£10). Lower priced items are sent First Class Recorded (£2.60) at buyer's risk or First Class if under £20 (£1.50). Overseas rates on request.

We accept payment by cheque, bank transfer, P.O., or cash (Euros, US$ or GBP).

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