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WW1 War Medals For Sale

Nottingham Medals buy and sell war medals, war medal groups, individual military and campaign medals, commemorative medallions and all types of badges and patches. Below is a selection of our British World War One medals for sale. Please note all medals are original, and in good condition. Please ask for more pictures or details if required, we will be pleased to oblige.


WW1 RN Russian Medal For Zeal Group HMS Jupiter WW1 1914-15 Star Trio, Royal Navy RFR LSGC and Russian Medal Of Zeal group to STO.1 HMS Jupiter.
WW1 Military Medal Pair For Sale Military Medal to 73115 C.Q.M. SJT W. HUTCHINSON 32/M.G.C. & War Medal to 28543 C SJT W. HUTCHINSON.  NOTTS & DERBY R Joined Chatsworth Rifles 1915. Details..... £875
  HMS Yarmouth WW1 LSGC Medal Group WW1 1914-15 Star Trio and LSGC to M.4584 W.H. WILLIAMS. C.E.R.A.2 H.M.S. YARMOUTH. (Engine Room Artificer) £175
WW1 Royal Navy RFR LSGC Medal Group to Ryan

WW1 1914-15 Star Trio named to 289915, J. RYAN, S.P.O., R.N. (Royal Navy) + Royal Fleet Reserve LSGC to 289915 (CH.B.6859) J. RYAN. S.P.O. R.F.R.

WW1 Royal Navy RFR LSGC Medal Group to RMLI  WW1 1914-15 Star Trio named to CH.17514, PTE. T.E. WARREN, R.M.L.I. (Royal Marine Light Infantry) + Royal Fleet Reserve LSGC to CH.17514 (B.2808) T.E. WARREN. MNE. R.F.R. £155
Royal Fleet Reserve - Corbyn

WW1 Pair named to J.54518 W. CORBYN. SIG. R.N. (Royal Navy) + Royal Fleet Reserve LSGC to SS.125786 (PO.B, 14218) W. CORBYN. STO.1. R.F.R. (Royal Fleet Reserve)


Royal Fleet Reserve - WHITBY

WW1 Pair named to J.66127 A. WHITBY. ORD R.N. (Royal Navy) + Royal Fleet Reserve LSGC to SS.125786 (PO.B. 17771) A. WHITBY. A.B.R.F.R. (Royal Fleet Reserve)

Royal Garrison Artillery Territorial Medal Group

WW1 Pair plus Territorial Efficiency Medal to 316086 SJT G. OVERALL. R.G.A. (Royal Garrison Artillery) with three named silver sports medals and small picture

WW1 RAMC Trio + Special Constabulary Medal

WW1 1914-15 Star Trio to 27972 A.CPL. F.J. CHAPLIN. R.A.M.C. plus George VI Special Constabulary medal to FREDERICK J. CHAPLIN. Plus 1919 EEF Letter.


WW1 War Medal to 33324 GNR. W. LANTSBERY. R.A. with George VI Territorial Efficiency Medal to 1405614 CPL. W. LANTSBERY. 4-NORTH'N R. (Northamptonshire Regiment) Entitled to Victory Medal.


WW1 1914-15 Star Trio to 230 PTE A. HARRISON 3/R.FUS: (3rd Battalion Royal Fusiliers) KIA 26-4-1915


WW1 1914-15 Star Trio to C.Q.M.SJT. F. OAKLEY. A.S.C. (Army Service Corps)


WW1 1914-15 Star Trio to 10073 PTE. S. ELSE. E. SURR. R. (East Surrey Regiment) Samuel Else was from Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire


WW1 1914-15 Star Trio to 11746 L.CPL C.O. REYNOLDS. DURH:L.I. (Durham Light Infantry


WW1 1914-15 Star Trio to T4-083692 PTE. J.H. MASON. A.S.C. (Army Service Corps)


WW1 War Medal named to 97155 GNR. P. TRACEY. R.A. and Mercantile Marine Medal to PETER TRACEY.


WW1 Pair to L-8268 PTE. S.G. LUMSDALE. 9-LRS. (9th Lancers) With named box and envelope.


WW1 Pair named to J.57536 H. MARSHALL. A.B. R.N. (Royal Navy) + George V Special Constabulary to HARRY MARSHALL £65

WW1 Pair, War Medal to SE-8888 PTE J L SWEET R A, Victory to SE-8888 PTE. J.L. SWEET. A.V.C. (Army Veterinary Corps)!


WW1 Pair to10946 PTE. F.H. MORSE. LINC.R. (Lincolnshire Regiment)


WW1 Pair to 203457 PTE. J. BURDEN. R.BERKS.R. (Royal Berkshire Regiment)


WW1 Pair to 1828 PTE. C.H. FEAKINS. MIDD'X R. (Middlesex Regiment)


WW1 Pair to G-99587 PTE. E.R. SMITH. MIDD'X R. (Middlesex Regiment)


WW1 Pair to 202473 PTE. A.H. GEACH. MIDD'X R. (1/7 Middlesex Regiment)


WW1 Pair to 37506 PTE. F.C. JAMES. R.WAR.R. (Warwickshire Regiment)


WW1 Pair to 3314 PTE. R. DUNCAN. GORDONS. (Gordon Highlanders)


WW1 Pair to 34630 PTE. F. ADCOCK. E.SURR.R. (East Surrey Regiment)


WW1 Pair to 203256 PTE. F. WOOD. N.STAFF.R. (North Staffordshire Regiment), also Berkshire Regiment


WW1 Pair to 34580 PTE. E. MOULT. YORK. R. (Yorkshire Regiment)


WW1 Pair to 30551 CPL. A. WILLIAMS. W.YORK.R. (West Yorkshire Regiment)


WW1 Pair to 43737. 1.A.M. H. TYSON. R.A.F. (Royal Air Force)


WW1 Pair to 314753. PTE.1. B.K. TOLLETT. R.A.F. (Royal Air Force)


WW1 Pair to 126541 GNR. A.A. VERNAL. R.A. (Royal Artillery) in Original Box


WW1 Pair to 028207 PTE. L.S. TATE. A.O.C. (Army Ordnance Corps)


WW1 Pair to 283326 PNR. F.W. SAVAGE. R.E. (Royal Engineers)


WW1 Pair to B.Z.6501 A.E. ROCKLEY. ORD. R.N.V.R. (Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve)


WW1 Pair to 44952 PTE. R.A. BANNISTER. DURH. L.I. (Durham Light Infantry)


WW1 Pair to 61175 PTE. E. WAINWRIGHT. DURH.L.I. (Durham Light Infantry)


WW1 Pair to 91256 PTE. E. MOORE. DURH.L.I. (Durham Light Infantry)


WW1 Pair to PTE. C. SAMBELLS. DURH.L.I. (Durham Light Infantry). SAMBELL on War Medal

WW1 Pair named to 534437 CPL. F. BALL. R.E.
(Royal Engineers)
WW1 Pair named to 274694 SPR. C. BEER. R.E. (Royal Engineers) £47
WW1 Pair named to 189888 GNR. T. DENHAM. R.A. (Royal Garrison Artillery) £45
WW1 Pair to M2-264647 PTE W. MADDOCK. A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) £45
We also have a number of WW1 single medals and silver wound badges for sale and awaiting reunion with the missing members of their groups. Click here for details.

Please ask for additional pictures or information. All medals for sale are one-offs so please check for availability. Orders over £50 are sent by Special Delivery (£7.00) / International Signed For (£10). Lower priced items are sent First Class Recorded (£2.75) or First Class if under £25 (£1.65). Overseas rates on request.

We accept payment by UK cheque, bank transfer, P.O., cash (Euros, US$ or GBP), or overseas payment by PayPal.

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