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Germany Medals For Sale

Nottingham Medals buy and sell war medals, war medal groups, individual military and campaign medals, and commemorative medallions. Below is a selection of our latest Germany medals for sale, including both military medals, civil medals and badges. Please note all German medals and badges listed are original.


WW1 Saxony 9 Year Long Service  WW1 Saxony 9 Year Long Service Silver Medal £40 
Prussia Nine Year long Service Medal WW1 Prussia 9 Year Long Service Medal Mounted £25
  WW1 Iron Cross Second Class Maker S-W WW1 1914 Silver Iron Cross Second Class, makers mark "S-W" on ring. Near mint condition. £70
WW1 Iron Cross 800 Second Class WW1 1914 Silver Iron Cross Second Class, 800 and unclear makers mark on ring £60
Germany WW1 Iron Cross H Mark WW1 1914 Silver Iron Cross Second Class, makers mark "H" on ring £60
WW1 Iron Cross Unmarked WW1 1914 Silver Iron Cross Second Class, No Makers Mark £60
WW1 Iron Cross With Spange WW1 1914 Iron Cross Second Class, marked 800 on ring. With 1939 Spange (Clasp) Makers Mark L/11 (W. Deumer) £220
Iron Cross WW2 Spange WW2 1939 Spange (Clasp) for Iron Cross Second Class, no makers mark, 25mm version with four reverse pins. £120
WW2 Iron Cross 1st Class in Case WW2 1939 Iron Cross First Class, iron core with case and marked 15 on pin. By Friedrich Orth, Vienna. Damaged hinge on reverse. £240
  WW2 Iron Cross Second Class Makers Mark 4 WW2 1939 Iron Cross Second class, makers mark 4, no ribbon. By Steinhauer & Luck, Ludenscheld. £125
Hindenburg Cross With Swords W.K. WW1 Hindenburg Cross With Swords Maker W.K. £18
Hindenburg Cross With Swords G&S WW1 Hindenburg Cross With Swords Maker G & S £18
Hindenburg Cross With Swords R.V.13 WW1 Hindenburg Cross With Swords Maker R.V.13 PFORZHEIM £18
Hindenburg Cross With Swords C.TH.D WW1 Hindenburg Cross With Swords Maker C.TH.D £18
WW2 Mothers Cross - Bronze WW2 Mothers Cross - Bronze £40
Bronze War Merit Cross With Swords  WW2 War Merit Cross Second Class bronze with swords, maker mark 100  £45 
1939 War Merit Cross With Swords WW2 War Merit Cross Second Class with swords £35
War Merit Cross No Swords WW2 War Merit Cross Second Class no swords £30
Germany War Merit Medal WW2 War Merit Medal £20
Germany West Wall Medal  WW2 West Wall Medal £30
Germany WW2 Eastern Front Medal WW2 Eastern Front Winter 1941 - 1942 War Medal £40
WW2 Germany Luftschutz Medal WW2 Luftschutz Air Raid Medal Second Class £60
Germany Faithful Service Cross  Third Reich Faithful Service Silvered Cross Third Class Medal £35
  Germany 1934 Tag Der Arbeit Badge 1934 Third Reich Tag Der Arbeit Bronze Nazi Tinnie Badge, VGC £35
Germany WW1 Wound Badge WW1 Black Wound Badge, with pointed flat pin to rear £35
World War Two Black Wound Badge  WW2 Black Wound Badge £55
1936/37 Steelworker Tinnie Badge WHW 1936/37 Gau Essen Steelworker Aluminium Tinnie Badge £25
Gau-Essen 1935/36 Tinnie Badge W.H.W. 1935/36 Gau-Essen Factory Aluminium Tinnie Badge £20
Trier 1933 Religious Badge 1933 Trier Holy Tunic Religious Pilgimage Bronze Tinnie Badge GES.GESCH. to reverse £25
  German WW1 Belt Buckle WW1 Brass Belt Buckle GOTT MIT UNS Bi-Metal £90
  WW2 German Aluminium Belt Buckle WW2 Aluminium GOTT MIT UNS Belt Buckle, maker OLC £55

Please ask for additional pictures or information. All medals for sale are one-offs so please check for availability. Orders over £50 are sent by Special Delivery (£6.95) / International Signed For (£10). Lower priced items are sent First Class Recorded (£2.60) at buyer's risk or First Class if under £25 (£1.60). Overseas rates on request.

We accept payment by cheque, bank transfer, cash (Euros, US$ or GBP), and overseas payment by PayPal.


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