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Belgium Medals For Sale

Nottingham Medals buy and sell war medals, war medal groups, individual military and campaign medals, civilian awards and commemorative medallions. Below is a selection of our latest Belgian medals for sale, including both military medals and civil.

Belgian Medals For Sale June 2024

Begium Order of Crown WW1 Order of the Crown £30
Belgium 1865-1909 Medal 1865 - 1909 Medal £15
Belgium WW1 Yser Medal WW1 Yser Medal £25
Belgium WW1 Croix de Guerre WW1 Croix de Guerre £35
Belgium WW1 War Medal WW1 War Medal £20
Belgium WW1 Food Distribution Medal WW1 Food Distribution Medal £25
Belgium WW1 Decoration For Merit  WW1 Decoration For Merit Second Class  £25
Belgium WW2 War Medal  WW2 War Medal 1940 - 1945 £25
Belgium WW1 Resistance Medal WW2 Resistance Medal £22
Belgium Order of Crown First Class Order of the Crown First Class £22
Belgium Order of Crown Second Class Order of the Crown Second Class £12
Belgium_ACV_Medal ACV Trade Union Cross £12
Belgium First Class Labour Decoration Labour Decoration First Class (Gold) £15
Belgium Labour Decoration Labour Decoration Second Class (Silver) £12

Please ask for additional pictures or information. All medals for sale are one-offs so please check for availability. Orders over £50 are sent by Special Delivery (£8.50) / International Signed For (£11). Lower priced items are sent First Class Recorded (£4.50) at buyer's risk or First Class if under £25 (£3).

We accept payment by UK cheque, bank transfer or cash (Euros, US$ or GBP).

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